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saint malo cité corsaire

Saint-Malo A privateer town par excellence with such illustrious sailors such as Robert Surcouf, René Duguay-Trouin as well as Jacques Cartier, the discoverer of Canada, regarding history, but also more recent sailors, such as all of the family Escofier, winner of several sailing races including the famous Route-du-Rhum which leaves from Saint-Malo to go to Pointe-à-Pitre on the other side of the Atlantic. You wander around the town fortified by Vauban, searching for the treasures left by these navigators. The tides of the Bay of Saint-Malo are among the biggest in Europe.

A magnificent place!

saint malo - le phare du môle

Saint-Malo is a fishing port protected by numerous reefs and breakwaters covered over by high tide. The islands, and isles, were also fortified, and some can be visited such as Cezembre Island or the National Fort, a strategic defence during numerous historical invasions. Shuttle boats will take you to discover the magic of this coast from the sea. Surrounded by beaches, one part of the coast has an ingenious open-air salt-water swimming pool when the tide is high, which is often. The water comes over the top and is renewed. When the tide goes out, the water is heated by the sun for the pleasure of the bathers. There is, in Saint-Malo, a thalasso-therapy institute to relax, and all the sports enabling you to profit from the sea, such as windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, and boats of all sizes.

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